The Infant Room

Caring for infants as young as six weeks old is a responsibility that we take seriously. We believe in working closely with our parents to provide the best possible care and to make it feel as close to home as possible for your children. We strive to provide a warm and nurturing environment for the children and to give them the best possible care.

Communication with our parents is very important to us. Based on each child’s individual needs and their parents’ requests, we determine a daily schedule for your child. Parents will fill out a written feeding schedule for our staff to refer to that can easily be updated with changes in their child’s diet. Each day a daily report is filled out and sent home to inform parents of their child’s day.

Daily Reports Include…

  • Feedings: we document the time, what your child ate, and how much he or she has eaten.
  • Diaper Changes: we document the time of each change, and whether the child was dry, wet, or had a BM. Diapers are checked and changed regularly every 2 hours. If a child has a BM or is noticeably wet they will be changed immediately.
  • Napping: we document the time in which your child falls asleep and the time they wake up. Our separate napping room is constantly monitored and allows us to keep each child on their own sleeping schedule. Each infant has their own individual crib and children preparing to transition into our toddler program have their own cots. (picture above or below) Any mothers that are nursing are able to use our napping room to feed their child if need be.
  • Daily Activities: we will make you aware of activities your child participated in that day such as rolling over, crawling, walking, singing, dancing, going outside, etc. Our large activity room is great for your child to move all around and explore their environment!

We have 4-seated strollers to take the children outside, weather permitting. If the child is walking, he or she is able to go outside and run around and explore as well! We have walkers available for our babies who are not yet so steady on their feet!